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Sarah sets up and teaches drawing courses and projects for adults and children.  She also encourages drawing in the many workshops that she runs in schools and the community. 

Click on the links above to see some of the drawing courses she is running at the moment.

Sarah studied at Central St Martins followed by three years postgraduate study at the Royal Academy Schools, London where drawing was central to her studies.  Drawing is at the heart of her own work and she has a real love for sharing this passion and knowledge with her students.

For some thoughts on drawing read on:

We all have an innate ability to draw - but we rarely use it.  We may have been discouraged by criticism early on in life or our expectation of what a drawing ‘should’ look like.  By the age of nine or ten, many children may already feel inhibited and stressed when faced with drawing.  For other children drawing may be a real obsession which is undervalued in a SATS (Standard Assessment Test) and GCSE based school environment.

The fact is, a drawing can be many things.  Ten people looking at an object will draw it in ten different ways. 

Drawing can be a meditation, a discovery, a delight, a challenge. Observational drawing is an opportunity to really look and focus on an object, person or animal and to enjoy it’s construction, form, colour and texture.   

Drawing can be a pleasure and an end in itself or a means of developing and communicating an idea or an emotion.  A doodle, sketch or fully developed drawing - each has it’s own value. 

In a time when digital skills are paramount and we all spend many hours on computers, Sarah wants to reintroduce children and adults to the pleasure and value of drawing.