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Queen Elizabeth’s Children’s Unit

Royal London NHS Trust

‘Artist’s multicoloured floors bring the brighter side of life to children’s wards

.... a five-year-old patient at the Royal London Hospital, takes a close-up view of the centrepiece of the new children’s wards, due to open later this month: a floor that is a fantastic hundred metre swirl of colour and image, writes Roger Tredre.

The revolutionary project in the hospital at the heart of London’s East End turns art into an integral feature of the hospital unit.

Artist Sarah Hammond has covered four wards and 500 square metres of floorspace with a brightly coloured  linoleum collage depicting animals and birds, rockets and motor cars.

‘I wanted to create an environment for the children full of colours, lights, curves and rythms to counteract the hospital surroundings,’ she said.’

Observer Newspaper

‘This extraordinary work will make this one of the most child-friendly environments in the country.  No child could fail to be stimulated by the sheer impact of the designs.’

Prof. Lilleyman, Department of Paediatric Haematology & Oncology, Royal London Hospital. 


Addenbrookes Hospital Paediatric Unit Suspended Scupture/mobile

‘It is a lovely piece of work and wonderfully successful …. Children I have seen watching it have been enthralled.’

Valerie Broadbent, Consultant Oncologist, Addenbrooke Hospital

‘The children are thrilled by it.  It offers a distraction.  It just floats there.  It has the same soothing effect as a fish tank.’

Guy Noble, Art Curator, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Community workshops East London

‘As a Young Volunteer working with Sarah was a great opportunity to gain experience which could help me in the future.  The children that I was working with were a great joy and fun to work with and it was a chance for me to bond with the community children.  I developed confidence and experience while working with Sarah as she gave me different types of job roles to do which I enjoyed doing.   I would like to help Sarah more in the future as it was great fun!’

 Shayma (Young Volunteer)

‘I’ve known Sarah for a long time as she is our good, and close neighbour.  So far I know she is involved with many different community activities.  Especially she works for the local residence children.  She has been managing the different projects for our local young children for a few years.  It is quite interesting for the children as they have many different varieties of choice of activities that they want to do.  It is time for our children’s to pass in a good way as they learn a lot and get a lot out of it.  They get different ideas out from these projects.  They can share their views and ideas and also have a chance to show and express their talents.  We appreciate her hard work and many thanks to her.  So all best wishes from me.’

S.Zaman (Bengali poet, writer, journalist, literary editor of Banglapost newspaper)

'Sarah Hammond has delivered an extensive range of community art and craft projects and activities on behalf of, and in partnership with Southern Housing Group. We have always been extremely satisfied with Sarah's work, which is of an exceptional quality, with true professionalism. Her ability to work with a wide audience from children at a young age, through to adults is just one of her major strengths'.  


James Rogers - Southern Housing Group