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artist & designer london

S a r a h   H a m m o n d

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Take  a look at Installaton and Floors for examples of two large commissions for Children’s Hospital Units.

Floor designs can also look good in small spaces and on a smaller scale.  For more about this go to floors small spaces above or choose a photo on the right.

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We can all make Public Art!

Everyone can contribute to shaping and creating their own environment whether it be within a school or a Day Care Centre or in a public space such as a park or street.  When commissioned to create a floor design for a hospital or a mosaic in a playground, my first step is to find out about the needs and expectations of those who will be working in, or using, the public space.

I set up and coordinate art projects involving people of all ages, experience and ability.  The aim is to give people a voice and encourage enjoyment, exchange and understanding between people through art.  See more at the links above art in the park and art in the street or choose a photo on the right.

I have worked on art projects with museums and galleries, including the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Tate Gallery in London, and the innovative intergenerational organisation, ‘Magic Me’.

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