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  1.   ongoing art projects in my community to encourage conversation, exchange and learning.   Please see the project in East London

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These are the kind of projects I am working on now:

  1.   Continuing to encourage drawing.  Take a look at the new drawing for adult workshops at the Natural History Museum on the link above.

To see my new drawing workshop Animals and Other Creatures at City Farms click on the link drawing for children above. I will be taking part in the Big Draw, the Campaign for Drawing, this year.  To find out more about this great campaign go to

  1.   Collaborating with other artists to bring music & video into workshops.  Please take a look at Amazing Mechanical Circus.

Last summer, August 2010, we organised another Art Week for our Estate and invited film maker, Greg Hall, to work with us to make two short documentary films with the 11-13 year olds, Dispersal Order & Give us Back Our Playground.  The younger children decorated T-shirts.

This is a quote from William Morris which I really like.

It is also on one of the posters for the Save the Arts campaign.

Click to sign up and support this Campaign against the current financial cuts to the arts in the UK.


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