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what and where

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‘Fish out of Water’ a suspended sculpture/mobile for the new Paediatric Unit at Addenbrookes Hospital  Cambridge

30 rotating shapes are suspended in the internal courtyard created when the new paediatric unit was built.  The installation is made of coated aluminium & stainless steel and measures 11x10x5m.

The shapes:-

  1. - range in size from 1-4 metres

  2. - they are designed to exploit wind movement

- they constantly change as they move

- they are low maintenance & durable

- on a sunny day they cast shadows, multiplying

  1. -they spin

‘It is a lovely piece of work and wonderfully successful …. Children I have seen watching it have been enthralled.’  Valerie Broadbent, Consultant Oncologist, Addenbrooke Hospital

‘The children are thrilled by it.  It offers a distraction.  It just floats there.  It has the same soothing effect as a fish tank’  Guy Noble, Art Curator, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

the courtyard before the installation

‘Fish out of Water’ suspended sculpture/mobile

Paediatric Unit  Addenbrookes Hospital  Cambridge

back cover design for manual for mobile

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