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what and where

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                 collage       construction       schools    community   hospitals      

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A 'pool' like affect of blue light changing from deeper to lighter blue with the colour accented  shapes floating within the pool and casting many coloured shadows into the courtyard. 


Unexpected changes of colour created by the light falling onto the moving multicoloured shapes.

Unusual and wonderful transitions at the crossovers between the  beams of light.  

The dynamic play of coloured shadows across the shapes and onto the walls becoming a visual echo multiplying the shapes and opening up the courtyard, creating a  new, magical and changing world for the children.


This world could even be created and recreated on a daily basis by children and staff.  Giving them control over lights from within the Unit, dimming and selecting lights and colours.

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My Proposal for

Lighting the Mobile

The mobile at night

as it is now

without lighting

Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge  Paediatric Courtyard