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what and where

            fun    inventive      creative      for all ages    floors    drawing

                 collage       construction       schools    community   hospitals      

               making  a difference     changing                                spaces


Queen Elizabeth’s Children’s Unit

Royal London NHS Trust

Floorscape for Queen Elizabeth’s Children’s Unit

Royal London NHS Trust

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This commission was for the Royal Hospitals NHS 

Trust was to design corridor & ward flooring for the new

children’s unit at the Royal London Hospital


I worked closely with staff, children, the architect

project manager and lino cutters.


  1. Bullet  580 sq m of corridor an ward designs cut into linoleum

  2. Bullet  three units - Oncology, Under 2’s and General Ward

  3. Bullet  each unit with its own identity and theme

  4. Bullet  designs act as imaginative routemarkers

a massive project

Read more about this project here


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