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Drawing plus 3-D construction or clay modelling

In this workshop, the young people gather information in their drawings to make a 3-D animal.   They have to think specifically ‘in the round’.  It’s a different approach to  the Drawing and Drawing plus workshops (see Drawing for Children) being closer to technical drawing.

The group then either construct an animal from recycled rolled paper (‘stixx’) or make an individual clay animal model.  The ‘stixx’ construction is a fun group team activity as the animal may well be 1-1.5m or larger.

These workshops are a great ‘hands on’ way of learning about structure,  construction and joining.


The workshops are a full morning, minimum 3 hours, a full day or over several 2 hour sessions depending on the age, complexity and finish of the Construction.  For example, the butterfly illustrated was made over five 2 hour after school sessions with children aged 7-11. 

The workshops are most suitable for ages 9 upwards.  Group size 10-15.

for construction workshops for schools & community events  contact me

Special Drawing workshops for Schools

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