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Animal Inspiration

Drawing course for Adults

Course length – 1-3 days  10am - 4pm

Group size – 6-10 Beginners welcome

Be inspired by the animals right on your doorstep and develop your drawing at your City Farm.  Learn practical drawing skills and develop the skills of looking and seeing.

Workshops are held both inside and outside  giving a chance to draw and capture the qualities of the larger animals outside and take a closer look at the smaller ones inside.

Two and three day courses feature a special visit to the Natural History Museum to draw from complete animal skeletons not  normally on display to the public.

On the course you will:  

♣Learn how to observe, analyse and gain an understanding of an animal’s anatomy and skeletal structure.

♣Look at how an animal moves and it’s unique character and proportion.

♣Learn about different drawing materials including papers, and try some out – ink, pastel and charcoal.

♣Look at a variety of ways of handling the materials and their expressive use.

♣Have the opportunity to make both objective and expressive drawings.

♣Have one to one instruction

The course will give you the tools and inspiration to carry on drawing on your own.

Basic materials are included.  List of materials you might like to bring will be supplied.

Drinks at the City Farm are included in the price but please bring a packed lunch.

Sarah Hammond studied at Central St Martins followed by three years postgraduate study at the Royal Academy Schools, London where drawing was central to her studies.  Drawing is at the heart of her own work and she has a real love for drawing animals and for sharing this passion and knowledge with her students.

SARAH HAMMOND    07711 534 099

Limehouse Town Hall 646 Commercial Road London E14 7HA

Drawing workshops for Adults


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